Director: Dea. Gladstone Leachman

Assistant: Bro. Rohan Jacques

The Communications  Ministry from its inception in 1999 continues to play a very vital role in the Ministry of our Church. The Ministry began with only two persons and has grown to a membership of eight.

Over the years, various training sessions have been held to better equip members to participate in this area of Ministry. The establishment of an Audio Visual Room was the brainchild of Rev. Norman Mills, a former Pastor. The setting up of this room led to the acquisition of better equipment, better organization and a more suitable working environment.

The objective of the members of the Ministry is to make every effort to play their part in support of the Church’s mission to spread the gospel to the world.

The main function of the Communication Ministry is to provide all technical services required at all Church services/activities. These include (Funerals, Weddings, Workshops etc)

Some of the projections of this Ministry for the rest of the year are to:

  • Upgrade the present equipment and the Audio-Visual Room
  • Formally meet on a bi-monthly basis
  • Organize more Training Seminars
  • Make a further step towards using the technology relating to the Audio/ Visual ‘Helps’. 

Let us as a Church continue to pray for and support this Ministry as the members strive to facilitate the enrichment and enhancement of our worship services.

The Director of the Ministry is Bro. Rohan Jacques assisted by Bro Seymour Bailey