At the Edgewater Baptist Church, we believe that God has called the following men and women to the office and work of Deacons in his church.

Linda Craigie-Brown Kirkland Anderson
Claudette Hemmings Michael Blake
Everlyn Jarrett Franklin Toyloy
Carmen Reid Gladstone Leachman
Winsome Rose Derrick Ottey
Lela Smikle

A Deacon is called to serve the church of God, and work with its members in caring for the poor, the needy, the sick and all who are distressed. He or she is to strengthen the faithful, search out the careless and the indifferent and to preach and teach the word of God as authorized by the Holy Spirit.

The Deacons in the Church have the responsibility to study the Holy Scriptures and to model their lives upon the word of God. By their word and example they are to make Christ and His redemptive love known to those among whom they live and worship.

Deacons assist the pastor in public worship, in the administration of God’s Word and Sacraments and in carrying out other duties assigned to them from time to time. All Deacons serve on the Church Council.

At all times the life and teaching of a Deacon ought to show people that in serving those in need they are serving Christ himself.