President: Sis. Easter Hynes

1st Vice Presidents: Bro. Javar Wilkie

This Ministry is the major arm of the Youth Ministries in the Church. Our aim is to reach young people wherever they are and in whatever stage of life they are. The Fellowship has seen many changes: from presidents to members, to the constant transformation of the society and the needs and interests of young people. In response, we have been focusing on all rounded development: physical, mental, social and spiritual.

Some of our weekly activities include: Bible study, Bible quizzes, Games Night every 4th Friday, Tune Fridayz, Random Check ins on members just to name a few. Our Fellowship continues to be  involved in the St. Catherine Baptist Youth Association (SACABAYA) competitions, retreats and any other initiative.

We thank God for preserving this ministry throughout the years and look forward to many more years of service as we continue to serve our community, our church and our Lord Jesus Christ.