Coordinator:  Sis. Charles Smallwood
Assistant: Sis. Catherine Smith- Gayle

The Great Command of Jesus Christ is the foundation for the Mission of Evangelism. Therefore, at Edgewater Baptist Church the Evangelism Ministry has spearheaded the execution of this mission using different soul-winning activities.

The Evangelism Ministry has, as a main activity, a month of Evangelistic Sunday Services during the month of September. Activities are done during the Sunday morning services and supported by several weeks of Saturday morning prayer meetings. Members are encouraged to invite the unsaved and those who have backslidden to these services. Other evangelism activities have included open-air meetings, prayer walks and tent crusades. From these, many souls were won for the Kingdom of Christ and labourers were added to the vineyard.

In recent times, the global pandemic has meant that the strategies on which this Ministry was built have had to be reconstructed.  Creative approaches to evangelism have had to be found, alongside heightening the awareness among each member of the Edgewater Baptist church on the thrust and mission of evangelism. The Evangelism Team has committed to actively pray, plan, and demonstrate effective and creative soul-winning strategies and empowerment activities:

  • The Team sought to partner with the auxiliaries and classes of the Edgewater Baptist Church to establish the need for evangelistic activities to be embedded in their annual plans. The results emanating from this were:
    • Training of new recruits in the altar counselling and call ministries.
    • Involvement of these auxiliaries and classes in the corporate fasting services which supported the Sunday morning Evangelistic services in September.

Other activities are currently being pursued with the hope of impacting families, friends, and the communities at large.

  • Social media platforms are being used and will continue to be used as our mission board for evangelistic activities. Partnership with the youth will enable persons to access social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook, where spiritual, inspirational, encouraging messages, quotes and personal testimonies; Zoom meetings; events and church programmes will be posted and maintained.
  • Partnerships between the Evangelism ministry, Healing and Counseling, Children’s Church, Family bible Hour, and the Boy’s and Girl’s Brigades will enable Edgewater Baptist to host events such as a Children’s Crusade, which will be held this year on the 22nd of May as part of the Child Month activities.
  • Partnering with the Communications Department will facilitate the setting up of an online data system, allowing for responses to calls from online services and events.
  • Child Evangelism Fellowship is one of the several external organizations we have called on from time to time as partners for specific events. Other are (Jamaica Intercessory network …)