Coordinator: Sis. Patricia Malcolm

Assistant: Sis. Lorraine Robinson

The Dorcas Outreach Ministry was set up in December 1996 to work with the poor, the old and the indigent. Included in its services are the provision of warm meals, dry goods, gifts and where possible assistance with medication and referrals to the Healing & Counselling Ministry. This service is not confined to the church but extended to the needy of the community.

The aim and objectives of the Ministry are:

  • To get members more involved in an outreach programme in which they are attentive to the needs of the less fortunate in such a way that people will eventually surrender themselves to the Almighty God, and in time help themselves better in the community.
  • To boost the church’s involvement in and around the community by attending to the social, physical and spiritual needs of these special people.

We meet our objectives in the following ways:

  • visiting, helping the sick, elderly and shut-ins
  • inviting and taking them to the church where possible
  • conducting prayer meetings
  • recommending them to see the church doctor
  • providing food, clothing & shelter
  • identifying counselling needs and making recommendations
  • obtaining items through Food For The Poor for distribution
  • instituting a dinner on the Church grounds at Christmas for the beneficiaries.

Food supplies and dry goods are distributed on a regular basis. Pharmaceutical supplies are provided as the need arises in conjunction with the Healing & Counseling Ministry. The Ministry also facilitates physical mobility by assisting members of the Church and the community with chairs and walking sticks at times.

During 2003, the Church acquired a container, which is established for the storage and distribution of food items. It also houses a mini-library.

Let us as a Church continue to pray for this ministry as we work in this part of God’s Vineyard. “With all our hearts we thank the Lord in the assembly of His people. How wonderful are the things the Lord does! All He does is full of honour and majesty. His righteousness is eternal” (Psalms 111: 1-3)