President: Bro. Seymour Bailey
1st Vice President: Dea. Gladstone Leachman
2nd Vice President: Bro. Glenroy Brown

The Brotherhood of the Edgewater Baptist Church has been in existence since April 9, 1978, when it was launched as a chapter of the JBU Brotherhood. The Ministry caters primarily to the spiritual development and fellowship among male members of the Church.

Over the years the Brotherhood  has sought, among other things, to increase knowledge among brothers, encourage individual development through participation in Church activities and encourage social interaction and inter-fellowshipping. The EBC Brotherhood is also a member of the St Catherine Baptist Association Brotherhood (SACABAB)

During the current year the Brotherhood has undertaken the following activities:

Victory Praise Concert Annually, 

Current Trend seminar,

Mother’s Day appreciation,


Crawle Baptist outreach,

Know Jamaica Tour,

Little Eagle award.

The Ministry also takes time out to visit the sick and shut-ins of the Church, involves in the beautification of the church environment and conduct church services every other 5th Sunday of the year.

Bro. Seymour Bailey (Current Chairman) and other executives ably lead the Brotherhood.

Our Annual Retreat is held on the 1st Saturday in September.

Meeting are held on the 1st Saturday of each month.

The Motto of the JBU Brotherhood is Finding, Following, Fraternizing. Membership is open to all male members of the Church.

The four pillars of our Ministry are Mentorship, Evangelism, Outreach and Fellowship.

Let us as a Church continue to pray for the Ministry of the Brotherhood, and support them in their endeavours toward building the Kingdom of God.